Emergency Tuberculosis Project

The objective of the Emergency Tubercolosis Project is to improve the quality and expand the coverage and utilization of health services to control the spread of tuberculosis in targeted areas of Papua New Guinea by strengthening programmatic management of tuberculosis. There are three components to the project, the first component being early detection of active tuberculosis patients. The IDA credit will finance the implementation of ACF strategies, which have been developed for Western Province and are also included in the NCD TB plan. Financing will be provided for procurement of diagnostic medical devices and consumables, technical assistance, and other eligible expenditures deemed necessary for the early detection of active TB patients. The second component is the effective treatment of drug-susceptible and drug-resistant tuberculosis patients. The project will support the effective treatment of both DS and DR TB patients, including the new short regimen for DR TB patients, through three subcomponents: improving clinical management of DS TB and DR TB; strengthening the directly observed treatment implementation and reduce the loss of follow up of patients in the BMUs; and supporting social mobilization in targeted areas. Finally, the third component is the strengthen the recipient’s systems for managing its health services delivery and tuberculosis response.

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