Angola Health System Performance Strengthening Project (HSPSP)

The objective of the Health System Performance Strengthening Project for Angola is to increase the utilization and the quality of health care services in target provinces and municipalities. There are four components to the project. The first component being improving the quality of health services delivery in target provinces. This component would support activities at the provincial and municipal level to improve the quality of the health care services in the target provinces and municipalities with the development of a PBF pilot in two selected provinces. The improved quality of health services can lead to improved health service utilization which may indirectly lead to improvements in outcomes. This component includes two subcomponents: improving the quality of maternal and child health services at the provincial and municipal level; and piloting performance-based financing. The second component is the strengthening system-wide enabling factors that support delivery of quality health services. This component aims to support institutional strengthening across the national health system towards improving the quality and coordination of health care services delivered at the municipal, provincial, and national levels. As such, this component is a critical underpinning for improving utilization because by improving quality, it will ensure better service delivery and coverage and hence will likely lead to utilization. The component will therefore contribute to reducing health system inefficiencies, a critical effort given the country’s limited availability of resources. The third component is the Contingent Emergency Response Component (CERC). The component will provide surge funding to finance response efforts directed at preventing an outbreak from becoming a deadly and costly pandemic. The component will only be triggered in the case of a public health emergency

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